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Miscellaneous Fencing Hardware

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RIM Locks - Keyed Security for Wood Gates

Various Types of Hinges
 Galvanized Metal Posts

All Hardware is available from the Fencing Pro
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Keyed Security for Wood Gates
bullet Resolves Problem of Expansion & Contraction Issues
bullet Very Easy to Install - No Mortising
bullet Designed and Manufactured in Europe
bullet Extremely Good Value
bullet Weather Resistant (Rust Proof)
bullet Available in 2" & 2.75", Single & Double Cylinder
bullet Optional keyed Alike for Projects with Multiple Gates


Ornamental, Hammer finished, powder
coated black fencing hardware.
Ring Latches & 12" hinges

Ornamental, Hammer finished, powder
coated black fencing hardware.
12" hinges

12" black Thumb Latch, 6" T-Hinges
4" adjust-o-matic latch

Galvanized Metal Post

Click Here for a product brochure of Metal Posts
and reasoning behind the use of these posts

Galvanized metal post mounted with galvanized screws
to mount 2x4 wood rails. Replaces 4x4 upright wood posts.
Various heights available.

Side view of a galvanized metal post

Front end view of a galvanized metal post

Actual galvanized metal post use with fence


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