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As I am sure you are aware, making fences generates a tremendous amount of cedar wood chips. In the process of installing these fences we noticed that many of our customer's gardens could use a good mulch to improve the look of their flower / plant beds as well as help maintain the moisture in these beds. We have decided to make available to our clients this great mulch for the following price.

Benefits of cedar mulch:

bullet Insect Control: Naturally repels many insects such as termites and roaches that live in other types of mulch.
bullet Insulates the soil to help control the air temperature around your plants. It protects your plants from hot temperatures in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter.
bullet Controls Erosion: Shredded cedar mulch tends to stick together and does not easily wash away, thereby protecting soil from wind and rain.
bullet Controls Weeds: Helps control weeds by blocking the sun needed for weeds to grow; and, mats together preventing the germination of new weeds.
bullet Retains moisture by allowing water seepage into the soil, provides a dense soil covering that holds water in place by limiting evaporation that helps to conserve water since you will not need to water your plants as often.
bullet Cedar mulch does not beak down easily so it will not have to be replaced as often. It's aromatic and enhances the beauty of a garden path, children's play area, or on slopes to control erosion.

Contact our Office Manager at 714.527.1400 to make arrangements.

Cedar Wood Chip Mulch - $5 per 50 gallons


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